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DC Teens Project
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My Dragon Con Adventure
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You Know You're Way Too Obsessed With DC Teens When ...
Does this really need an explanation?

Answers to the DC Teens Quiz

1. Superboy is a clone of former Executive Director Westfield

2. Spoiler's dad is the Cluemaster, Arthur Brown.

3. She wore the sandals of Hermes and the gauntlet of Atlas.

4. Green Lantern let him stand on a green platform, so that technically Damage wasn't setting foot in Georgia.

5. Bart's cousin, XS, is a member of the Legion of Super Heroes.

6. Tim attends Gotham Heights High.

7. Their ship crashed into Argent's swimming pool.

8. Wally hit Impulse after Bart went nuts and tried to kill him. His first words were, "What .... What did you do that for?"

9. Al Pratt, the Golden Age Atom, is Grant Emerson's natural father.

10. They joined the New Titans under Arsenal.

11. Tim saved Batman from Two-Face.

12. Freddy has a lame leg.

13. Bart was rescued by Iris Allen, the wife of Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash.

14. Risk broke into N.O.R.A.D.

15. He lost the glasses that gave him the power, much to Tana's delight.

16. Tana worked for WGBS in Metropolis.

17. Helen Sandsmark is an archeologist/professor, and works at a museum.

18. Cassie thought she was fighting Doomsday, but was actually fighting an artificial intelligence named Kris, who could impersonate any hero or villain in it's database.

19. Superboy and Superman convinced Hardrock to get on the law-abiding path.

20. For four issues, many of the New Bloods, including Sparx, formed the group Blood Pack.

21. Superboy's leather jacket barely makes it through one or two issues without being destroyed and replaced.

22. Argent has her navel pierced and wears a small "T" there.

23. The original Arrowette fought with Green Arrow and Speedy.

24. Superboy combined with Spiderman to become Spiderboy, by far the coolest Amalgam universe character.

25. Spiderboy Team-Up #1 guest-starred the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099.

26. In Unlimited Access #3, they battled the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and almost got into a tussle with the original Uncanny X-Men.

27. Superboy, along with practically every other practicing hero in the DCU, was offered a Justice League beeper, and became a Leaguer by extension.

28. While in the New Titans together, Tara often flirted with Grant.

29. Any of the following would do: Tana Moon, Roxy Leech, Knockout, Sparx, Aura, Triad, Hillary, Supergirl.

30. D.C. would have fried the Kid, but he was saved by his cute buns.

31. Thinking he was doing the right thing, Hardrock ratted Marx out to InterC.E.P.T.

32. Impulse's mom is Melonie Allen, who took him briefly back to the 30th century.

33. While trying to convince his girlfriend, Ariana, that they weren't ready to have sex, Ariana's dad walked in and found them kissing (with Ari in her nighty). After chasing him out of the house, Ari's father later called Tim's dad, who grounded him.

34. Sparx's Aunt Allure can turn into a half-woman/half-spider creature. Very gross.

35. Impulse's father, Don Allen, was Barry Allen's son, and was one of the Tornado Twins who helped fight the Dominators.

36. Catching Robin off guard, Steph gave him a big smooch (and not the kind you give your grandmother before bedtime).

37. As shown in the recent Teen Titans membership drive, Captain Marvel Jr. seems to have the hots for the pigmentally challenged beauty, Argent.

38. He told Agent that he was still in training himself and wasn't ready to train anyone else.

39. The Obeah Man killed Tim's mother and crippled his father.

40. While fighting for his life, he inadvertently destroyed a large part of his hometown, Marietta, Ga.

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