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Casting Call



Sarah Michelle Gellar
(Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

She's blonde, gorgeous, and could clean your clock in seconds flat. Throw in a little bad attitude and "gee-what-a-horrible-life- I'm-having" and you've just described both Spoiler and Buffy.


Beverly Mitchel
(Lucy, 7th Heaven)

Let's see. Arrowette's a kid, right? Even more so than the others. So, how 'bout a cute younger blonde who'd be perfect as her?


Michelle Beaudoin
(Jenny, Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

For D.C. Force, you need someone with a sort of Midwestern charm without a heavy dose of glamour. The powered-up version would use computerized f/x, or course.


Rider Strong
(Shawn, Boy Meets World)

When he's powered up, the special f/x could be done by computer or by the team from Hercules and Xena. But Rider Strong could lend his voice and play the powered-down Hardrock.

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