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Casting Call

Girl Power (Heroes)


Alyson Hannigan
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

She's proven she can play the stand-offish, not-quite-fit-in type, and with a smidge shorter hair and some wonderful special effects, we'd have Secret down pat with Alyson.

Deep Blue

Katie Holmes
(Dawson's Creek)

For Deep Blue, we needed someone who could play a hero who looks like a teen, but acts with wisdom beyond her years. Katies does just that every week on Dawson's Creek.

Mary Marvel

Jessica Beiel
(7th Heaven)

With home-grown sweetness and girl-next-door good looks to boot, Jessice would be the perfect Mary Marvel, don't you think?


Staci Keanan
(Step By Step)

For my Girl Power movie, I'd want to go with a younger Supergirl, close to the age Peter David writes her, about 21-22. At 21, Staci's got the look and build needed to play a slammin' Maid of Steel.


Neve Campbell
(Scream, The Craft)

Just check out the pouts. Need I say more?

Rose Wilson

Danielle Fishel
(Boy Meets World)

Wow! This one was uncanny. The same look, the same gaze, the same innocent, kick-your-teeth-in defiance. Freaky, ain't it?


Alicia Silverstone
(Clueless, Batman and Robin)

Ditsy? Check.
Blonde? Check.
Be right at home causing mischief? Check.
Yep. Alicia's our girl for the fun-loving Mysa.


Claire Danes
(Romeo and Juliet,
My So Called Life)

I almost picked Clair for Secret, but thought that with her overall look, she was a better fit as Dava. And just imagine how gaga Tim would go for her when they met.


Melissa Joan Hart
(Sabrina, The Teenage Witch)

She's blonde and lively, with the perfect attitude to pull off the wise-cracking Terra.

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