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Casting Call

Girl Power (Villains)

Sweet 16

Kristy Ford
(Hang Time)

With long red hair and a killer smile to turn a young man's eyes, Kristy meets all the requirements for the failed-recruit-turned-villain, Sweet 16.


Christine Lakin
(Step By Step)

Okay, so we'd have to add some big honking glasses and put her in some dumpy, unflattering clothes, but with a little work, Christine would be perfect for the smarter-than-your-average teen villain, Bookworm.

Pom Pom Girl

Ashley Cafagna
(Saved By The Bell: The New Class)

Let's see. A perky blonde who flies around in a cheerleading uniform. Sounds like the kind of role that would be perfect for almost any of the Saved By The Bell girls, but Ashley here looks most like our beloved Pom Pom Girl, so the part is hers.

Prom Queen

Reagan Gomez-Preston
(The Parent Hood)

For Prom Queen, we need an African-American teen who can send even Risk for a loop. On The Parent Hood, Reagan plays a tough, classy girl each week.


Michelle Williams
(Dawson's Creek)

Just look at that ice-cold glare. Dye her hair white and Michelle could pull over the ever-cold-hearted leader of Dark Nemesis without a hitch.


Bianca Lawson
(Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

This was the shoe-in as far as I was concerned. [name] is hands-down, simply perfect for Scorcher. She's got the look, the attitude, and the hair to boot!


Thuy Trang
(Power Rangers)

Hmmm. An Asian-American girl who can clean your clock in no time flat with her martial arts prowess... Didn't Thuy play that role every afternoon on Power Rangers? As Lynx, she'd definitely give poor little Robin a run for his money.


Catherine Sutherland
(Power Rangers)

Wow! This one caught me from out of the blue. But I'd glad it did. They even look so much alike. And with her Power Rangers experience, Catherine's Guillotina could give even the mightiest teen heroes a reason to be afraid.

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