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(Monthly - written by Dave Stanley)

There's one in every town. Every city. You know the place. That creepy old house at the end of the street. Rumor has it someone was murdered there. Or maybe someone went insane overnight. Or maybe someone just went in and disappeared. The drunks on the street talk about it but no one listens. Mothers threaten to send their kids there to keep the little angels in line. But no one ever takes it seriously, no one but the drunks and the runaways who see the mysterious lights and watch the strangers disappear behind the creaking, heavy wooden door.

For, Whitey Fricks, a young black kid trying to hide out from the gangbanging Devil Dogs, the secret is about to become something more.

U p   n o w !

April 1999 -- The House at the End of the Street (part one of two)

C o m i n g   S o o n !

May 1999 -- The House at the End of The Street (part two of two)

June 1999 -- Organ Donor (part one of two)

July 1999 -- Organ Donor (part two of two)

August 1999 -- A Pound of Purgatory (part one of two)

September 1999 -- A Pound of Purgatory (part two of two)

October 1999 -- Fred (part one of one)

D C U  2 0 2 1  L i n k s

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I'm looking for artists who would be willing to contribute art to go along with the House of Secrets 2021 stories.Interested? Email me!

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