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(Monthly - written by
Dave Stanley)

Thrilled by their mother's stories of sharing the night life with the famous Boy Wonder, triplets Abbey, Ashley, and Anna Abbots decide to put the meta- powers they inherited from their metagene latent, deadbeat father to good use by sharing the mantle of the Spoiler. Only this time, the teen vigilantes work for money, tracking criminals for the bounty, earning the necessary "buckage" for their educations. Each takes turns, enjoying thrilling nightly adventures in the crime-ridden streets of Atlanta.

But how can three overly competitive sisters manage to share a single identity when they can barely keep their own lives straight?

U p   n o w !

March 1999 -- Issue #1: To All Things ... (part one of three)

C o m i n g   S o o n !

April 1999 -- Issue #2: To All Things ... (part two of three)

May 1999 -- Issue #3: To All Things ... (part three of three)

June 1999 -- Issue #4: The Solution (part one of two)

Also in June -- Spoiler 2021: Secret Files and Origins #1

July 1999 -- Issue #5: The Solution (part two of two)

August 1999 -- Issue #5: Awakenings (part one of one)

D C U  2 0 2 1  L i n k s

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I'm looking for artists who would be willing to contribute art to go along with the Spoiler 2021 stories.Interested? Email me!

S p o i l e r   2 0 2 1  A r t

By Stephen Doll

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