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Are You Ready for the DC Teens Quiz?

So, you think you know your stuff when it comes to the teen heroes of the DCU? A little Mark Waid Jr., in trivia-training, huh? Well, here's your chance to put your measly little wad of gray matter to the test. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for a chance to embarrass yourself royally by taking the DC Teens Quiz.

1. Although Superboy was originally thought to be a clone of Superman himself, it was later determined that he was actually a clone of whom?

2. Considering who her father is, you might have expected the Spoiler to become a villian instead of a hero. Who is her criminally-minded paternal figure?

3. The current Wonder Girl now has powers granted by the god Zeus. How was she originally able to have superpowers and fight alongside Wonder Woman?

4. After being legally prohibited from returning to Georgia, which hero helped Damage "return" to visit the graveside of his ex-girlfriend?

5. Bart Allen's 30th century cousin is also a superspeedster. Who is she and what group is she a part of?

6. When Tim Drake isn't wearing the supertights, he is a student at what school?

7. When the Teen Titans crashed back on Earth after escaping the H'San Natall, where did they land?

8. When Impulse first met Wally West, what did he say?

9. Damage is the son of what Golden Age hero?

10. Impulse and Damage were temporarily part of what team of superheroes?

11. Before getting the new Robin costume, Tim Drake (in his first appearance as Robin) donned the old one to save Batman from which Gotham villain?

12. In his alter-ego, what disability does Captain Marvel Jr. have?

13. Bart Allen was rescued from the 30th century by whom? What is this person's connection to a famous silver age hero?

14. The Teen Titan, Risk, was recently incarcerated for breaking into what facility?

15. Superboy had X-ray vision for a short time. Why did he lose it?

16. When Superboy first met Tana Moon, she was working for what TV station?

17. Cassie Sandsmark's mother has an interesting, untypical career. What is it?

18. When Cassie Sandsmark first jumped into action as the new Wonder Girl, whom did she think she was helping Diana battle? Who was it really?

19. The Raver, Hardrock, started out as a villain. What two heroes helped turn him from crime?

20. Sparx had a short-lived tenure as a member of what failed superteam?

21. What part of Superboy's costume is constantly needing to be replaced?

22. The Teen Titan, Argent, has a rather unusual body piercing. Where is it, and what piece of jewelry is hanging there?

23. Arrowette's mother once fought alongside which two silver age heroes?

24. In the Amalgam Universe, Superboy combined with a famous Marvel hero. Who was that hero, and who did the two of them become?

25. In his second Amalgam appearance, the hero in question #24 teamed up with what team of heroic teens?

26. Which Marvel universe team has Captain Marvel Jr., Wonder Girl, Robin, Impulse, and Superboy battled?

27. Before joining the Ravers, Superboy was granted membership in which team of DC powerhouses (although, it must be admitted that the membership requirements were lax at the time)?

28. Which former Titan often flirted with Damage?

29. Name five of the main women in Superboy's life.

30. After being snubbed by Superboy while in her identity as D.C. Force, Sparx would have fried the Kid but good except for what "cute" part of his anatomy?

31. What intergalactic group did Hardrock rat out ravemaster Kindred Marx to?

32. What is Impulse's mother's name?

33. Robin was recently grounded by his dad and was unable to get away and do his usual good deeds as the Boy Wonder. Why was he grounded?

34. Sparx's aunt also has super powers. What can she do?

35. Who was Impulse's father, and what was his heroic alter ego?

36. During the Final Night crisis, Spoiler let Robin know her real feelings for him by doing what?

37. Captain Marvel Jr. has a thing for which of his Teen Titan teammates?

38. When Argent came to Robin for training, why did he refuse to train her?

39. Tim Drake's mother was killed by whom?

40. Damage was barred from setting foot in the state of Georgia because he destroyed a large portion of a city there. Name the city.

Thanks for taking the quiz.

Let me see the answers!

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