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image map We all know that DC has the best teen heroes in the business. And we know that there's no better way to use up your Web space than by creating a site dedicated to following the exploits of those heroes.  So, if you've got a slammin' Web site that features one (or a few) of the heroic DC teens, then feel free to join the ring.

The rules for the DC Teens Webring are simple.

  1. Your page must be about a teen (or the teens) of the DCU. For example, a page about Impulse or the Teen Titans is cool.  A pre-crisis Superboy page works too, as well as a page about the Titans (in any incarnation), but a JLA page doesn't fit.

  2. If your page is about a DC character who has a teen sidekick, and the sidekick actually gets featured on your page, then that kind of semi-close fit works too.

  3. Make sure your site is friendly to all ages.  Any sites that exceed the bounds of general good taste (as determined by a panel of mothers of two-year olds -- just kidding!) will be rejected.

  4. No commercial sites allowed.

  5. The owner of the DC Comics Webring reserves the right to accept or reject any site, and even the right to dismantle the whole ring altogether or pass it on to another ringmaster at any given time.

All clear on the rules? Cool. Then, copy and past this html code into the main page of your site (don't forget to change [your name here] to your name,and [your id here] to your ring id number, etc.):

This <A href="https://members.tripod.com/~dctquiz/webring.htm">DC Teens Webring</A> site owned by <A href="mailto:[your email here]">[your name here]</A>.
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Now, use your browser to grab one of the three images below, then upload it too your site under the name teenring.gif. That's all there is to it.  So what are you waiting for?
Go ahead and join the ring.

The DC Teens Webring is not associated with DC Comics in any way. It doesn't make any money, and uses the DC characters mentioned or shown above purely out of respect for the characters, the creators, and the artists.  All pictures used on this page are used without permission from DC Comics.

This DC Teens Webring site owned by Sean Taylor.
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